Any other Daredevil fans here? The new season came out on netflix last friday and I pretty much neglected everything besides class to be able to watch the entire season in 24hrs. I have issues… Anyways. The new season starts pretty much where the last season left off. I was happy if slightly annoyed when I found out Fisk was still in it. Granted, I should have known that after my rant about why I loved how Deadpool ended. I’ll make a separate post for that.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much about comic books outside their on screen adaptations so all I know about Daredevil is that he’s Marvel and anything else that’s been in the show. That being said, this was my first introduction to Elektra and Frank Castle aka the Punisher. I loved Frank’s character. He had so much depth and personality to him and was a great contrast to Matt Murdock. Those two are so similar but so different with how they go about dealing with the evil in Hell’s Kitchen and both believed in their way of doing things. Frank probably more than Matt.

And then there was Elektra. Now normally I like her kind of character. Flawed, badass, acts like nothing bothered her, but for the most part she annoyed me. Mainly because she was interrupting Matt’s life during Frank Castle’s trial and when he finally had a good thing going with Karen. She just. She was an awesome character but she was too disrupting. I get that is what the writers and directors wanted but still! I can only hope after that season finale that maybe Karen and Matt can pick things back up.

Once last thing I feel the need to comment on. The fight sequences. I love the fight sequences on this show. The stunt team is on point! Even if the fights are sometimes a little too flamboyant, they look awesome and that’s all that matters. And then The Hand, the evil organization that Stick’s “war” is all about fighting. Maybe it’s just me and maybe it’s just my love of Arrow, but there were a few times I said to myself, “there’s some League of Assassins’ shit going down right now.” I couldn’t help make that comparision even though Daredevil is Marvel and Arrow is DC.

Anyways, if you are currently suffering from Daredevil withdraw, I feel ya. Comment your thoughts and/or feelings if you want. I’d love to hear from other people about this season.


Sometimes, Very Rarely but Just Sometimes, The Movie/TV Show IS Better Than the Book

This is very controversial among book nerds but I feel I have a slightly different view on most book to movie or book to television issues from being a film student. I look at each on their own based on their own merits. Just because a movie “ruined” a book doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good movie on it’s own. (Though usually movies destroy and demolish books.) However, recently, because I love the show, I decided to get the box set and read The 100 by Kass Morgan. Now some will say, “Since you saw the TV show first you’re biased towards it. Of course you like it more.” No. Simply put, the TV show has more characterization and more depth. Jason Rothenberg took the basic premise of the series of sending 100 delinquents to the ground after living in space after 97 years in space in a post apocalyptic world to see if it was habitable again.

The Television show has more characters to explore and more diversity among the characters. There is a lot of character growth between the characters and as individual characters. It’s a lot of fun to see where these characters came from and where they are now and where they could end up. And. unlike the book, the romantic relationships that do develop don’t take over the plot as the most important thing. They are usually more minor. These characters have bigger things to worry about, like survival, than to worry about their love life.

There’s just more meat to the plot in the tv show. Everything in the book was more shallow and was exactly how it looked. Basically, the book series was your average teen apocalyptic story whereas the television show on The CW is as sic-fi as one could hope to get which, in my case, is way more entertaining.

In the end though, it’s what ever you’re more into. Teen apocalyptic or sci-fi.

If you know the series and would like to tell me it, please do. I’d love to her what other people have to say.

I’ll revisit this topic at a later time with more examples of when a tv show or movie is actually better than their book. But it is rare that I find one.