Kingdom Hearts <3

Any gamers here? I’m not much of a gamer. My games pretty much only include Finial Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2. That being said, I probably spent like 6-7 hours yesterday playing the first Kingdom Hearts game. My friend told me, “I didn’t know you weren’t a functional member of society today,” on snapchat. Rude! I got virtually nothing accomplished besides a side quest, leveling up, and getting the Ultima Keyblade.  First time I got it! 😀 It made Hades Cup at the Olympus Coliseum a little too easy. If all goes well I may even actually try to beat Sephiroth for once. We shall see. Oh well. It was a fun day of being lazy. I even played during the commercials of Legends of Tomorrow and The 100. But my Kingdom Hearts obsession is to blame for my lack of posting. Shhh… Oh well. I’ll eventually get caught up to everything I want to post. Maybe. I do have some posts planned I hope to get posted in the next day or so if I’m ever not at work.