General Update

Hello everyone. I feel bad not being on for a while not that anyone probably noticed. I still feel bad though. I’ve been busy with real life. Real life is so dull. Anyways, I few things I’m going to try to publish today. I read and finished After You, the sequel to Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. So expect a review on that. I started reading Glass Sword, the sequel to Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. While I’m not finished with that I do want to rant about it so look forward to that. And to leave off another hand made bookmark. This one is for my coworker. Sorry for my questionable camera. I’ll eventually get an actual camera that isn’t my phone.



Book Review – Me Before You

This book destroyed me and it was so amazing I plan on reading the sequel. This book is a very unconventional love story between a quadriplegic and his newly hired caregiver. All I can say about the synopsis is go watch the movie trailer. Normally this isn’t something I would read but the trailer drew me in. The characters are so real and human that you can’t help but to be drawn into all their happiness and triumphs and sorrows and failures. Louisa Clark is unexpectedly given a job caring for a man paralyzed from the neck down. He’s cold to her and she avoids him as much as possible until she starts treating him like he’s normal by calling him an “arse.” This book was a heartbreaking tearjerker and I highly recommend it to anyone with any interest in temporary fiction. And just be warned there is a sequel that you are definitely going to read after you finish the first book. After You. Don’t make the mistake I made and not have the money for it. This book was beautifully written with wonderfully human characters with all their faults. 5 stars definitely.

What To Listen To While Reading

I very rarely can just sit down and read. More often than not I need some kind of background noise when I read. TV doesn’t usually work because the talking distracts me. So I like to listen to music when I read. Which is a fairly common thing but what do I listen to? Sometimes I’ll just listen to a playlist in my iTunes of whatever artist I’m currently in love with but more often than not I like to use Pandora and just listen to instrumental music. The only time I ever listen to instrumental stuff for an extended period of time. I’m a lyrics girl, I love lyrics but they distract me when I’m reading usually. I have a Pandora station of like Lindsey Stirling and the Piano Guys (both of which I got to see live) as well as the Brooklyn Duo. It’s a great mix of pop songs covered by classical instruments as well as original work and occasionally classical work. It’s a great mix that I love to listen to when reading. The ads just get on my last nerve.

When You Finish A Really Great Book and Are Too Broke For the Sequel

I think the title speaks for itself for this post. I recently saw a movie preview for a book-turned-movie and it looked really interesting so I decided to get the book. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. This book is a special kind of heart breaking and it was beautiful. Had me in tears and I loved it. (I’ll review it in another post.) Anyways, after I finished it I found out there was a sequel and I really want it but I am definitely too broke for it. I have no choice but to wait for Friday when I get paid. 😥 I had a chance to read the first 20 some pages of it at the bookstore before my friend and I went to see Deadpool and those first 20 pages were beautiful and I can’t get it off my mind. I go to read something else and as soon as I put that something else down my mind goes to After You, the sequel. I’m in deep…

How To Save Your Book From Water Damage

This is a PSA for book lovers.

This is something I found out from a youtube video, had the unfortunate chance of needing to try it, and it really works. Basically, if you have the unfortunate luck of accidentally getting a book completely wet put some clean paper towels in it at roughly 40 page intervals and let it dry. If you just accidentally get like 2 pages wet then put paper towels on either side of the pages. You’ll be surprised at how well those towels absorb the water from the pages leaving little to no damage on your book.

Short post but I thought this is some useful information to know.


Book Review – The Golden Yarn

The Golden Yarn is the 3rd book in the Reckless series by Cornelia Funke. I also thought it was the last book in the series till I had less than 100 pages left then I found out it’s not! I’m super excited. Cornelia Funke is one of my favorite authors and the world inside this series, mirrorworld, is so elaborate and well thought out and I love it! I do need to go back and reread the first 2 books again and then reread this one because while I knew all the major plot points there are small little details and some minor characters that I completely forgot about. Some of those was easy for me to remember after being reminded about it while others I still have no clue about. That’s the problem with reading the 3rd book in such an elaborate world after not reading the first 2 books in a couple of years.

Anyways, on to my actual review.

One thing I hate and I’ll almost always hate in any books is the amount of switching between POVs. Each chapter is a different POV and sometimes you didn’t know who’s till the second paragraph. I don’t even know how many different POVs there were. Some characters only had 2-3 chapters dedicated to them. Where those chapters really that important? Probably if I’m honest. But still. Another thing I didn’t like was all the weird difficult to pronounce names from characters to cities and countries. Funky seemed to have pulled names from french, japanese, russian, and some straight up fantasy. Also, the font they used for the main antagonists letters to the main character could be difficult to read at times. But all that is just me being nitpicky. Overall this book took turns I was not expecting which I loved. There was a POV from one of the pervious antagonists and while in the previous books I really didn’t like her, I thought she was cruel and evil with no redeemable qualities, while in this book I really felt for her and her position. Her pain was all too human for her to be that evil. Her entire plot took a turn I was not expecting and I loved it and her character. I wish there were more chapters with the main character, Jacob Reckless, than there actually were. He’s been the main character from book 1 yet I feel like his chapters only took up half the book if that. This book did not go where I expected it to which is, in some ways, a good thing. It wasn’t cliched, it didn’t have those common over done themes that are in most books anymore. Unlike previous books in the series, this one was definitely a love story between 2 couples. I definitely love how in-depth all of Funke’s characters are. She really took the time to flesh them out and make them all human with flaws and real emotions. It really made you connect with even the villains really.

All in all, I gave this book4 stars on goodreads and can’t wait for the next book. Though I definitely need to reread the first 2. Maybe I’ll re-review this one after I have a better understanding of it after rereading them all. We’ll see.

Cornelia Funke and Her Book Reckless: The Golden Yarn and the Story Behind It

I was thrilled to finally receive this book in the mail. It’s the third, and I believe last, in the series and it’s been a long time coming.


Cornelia Funke is a german author who writes all of her books in german first then brings them over to her american publishers to get published. However, because of changes to the book that the american publishers wanted Funke to make but refused to since she thought it was important to the story to leave it how it was, plus it was already released in german exactly as it is, she refused to the point of getting the rights to the book back. Funke was determined to get the 3rd book of this series out for her english readers so she created her own publishing company, Breathing Books, to get Reckless: The Golden Yarn out to her fans. This version kept it’s original title and artwork unlike the 2 previous books. It took her roughly 2 years to get this book to the fans of Mirrorworld, the world inside the books.

I have personally been a huge fan of Funke for years. I love the Inkheart trilogy and Thief Lord. Those are all great books and I love the world she created for Reckless can’t wait to sink my teeth into this newest installment. Just got to finish The Little Paris Bookshop first which I started last night. So far, I’m really enjoying it. Stay tuned for a review of it in a few days time.