Why I Find It Harder To Go From Temporary Fiction to Fantasy

Temporary fiction is rooted in what we know and a world we’re used to while fantasy is set in a world with all new rules and guidelines that we have to discover to understand. This is coming from a girl that for the longest time was only interested in fantasy and couldn’t be bothered with temporary fiction. That’s what happens when the first book you fall in love with is Harry Potter. I’m not really sure where or when I first started showing any interest in temporary fiction, but because temporary fiction relies on a world that we live in or is very similar it’s easy to just jump into the story. They one world that needs setting up is the protagonists small life and how he/she lives in that world. Fantasy, especially ones where they take place in their own completely fictions world, has more setting up to do. The best example of this is A Song of Ice and Firwhere George R.R. Martin not only has to set up a completely fictional world but he also has to set up the minor worlds of all the POV characters’ lives. That’s one of the reasons some people have such a hard time getting into the series. Reverse that completely to temporary fiction like John Green’s books and a book like Looking For Alaska and Green only has to state where in the states the protagonist lives and that gives a point of reference for the readers so Green can jump right into the protagonists life and story a lot faster than Martin can. It’s why I feel, with a few exceptions, temporary fiction jumps into the story a lot faster and while it can feel like it’s not moving at all at times it is in some very subtle ways. Both fantasy and temporary fiction have their pros and cons and both can be amazing just sometimes you need one or the other in your life.


5 thoughts on “Why I Find It Harder To Go From Temporary Fiction to Fantasy

    1. I mean. That’s fine. I love both and I probably read more fantasy than I do tempory fiction but if I read a tempory fiction book I always end up wanting more of the genre. Whereas each fantasy series is completely different from each other temporary isn’t so different from one another so its easier to jump straight into a different story after finishing one. Try doing that with like Game of Thrones and then Dresden Files. Not as easy.


  1. Denna Williams says:

    Goodreads sent me your link because I was seeking information on the genre “temporary fiction.” I wanted to know the difference between temporary fiction and con- temporary fiction. Goodreads couldn’t provide me with a clear definition. This link provides more info than I have found so far but I’m still not clear on exactly what is “temporary fiction” Please help!!! Thanks


    1. Contemporary fiction is modern fiction that is based in the real world with all it’s faults and imperfections. John Green is contemporary writer as is Jojo Moyes. I wrote this article Awhile ago and I feel like temporary fiction isn’t really a thing. It’s just short for contemporary. Other types of fiction would be fantasy or sic-fi or mystery. Contemporary fiction is it’s own genre. Hope that helps.


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