What To Listen To While Reading

I very rarely can just sit down and read. More often than not I need some kind of background noise when I read. TV doesn’t usually work because the talking distracts me. So I like to listen to music when I read. Which is a fairly common thing but what do I listen to? Sometimes I’ll just listen to a playlist in my iTunes of whatever artist I’m currently in love with but more often than not I like to use Pandora and just listen to instrumental music. The only time I ever listen to instrumental stuff for an extended period of time. I’m a lyrics girl, I love lyrics but they distract me when I’m reading usually. I have a Pandora station of like Lindsey Stirling and the Piano Guys (both of which I got to see live) as well as the Brooklyn Duo. It’s a great mix of pop songs covered by classical instruments as well as original work and occasionally classical work. It’s a great mix that I love to listen to when reading. The ads just get on my last nerve.


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