One OK Rock

This blog has been all about the books so far, which is great I love books and it’s a popular subject, but I’m also a musician who loves her music. That being said I’m going to do a quick post about a band I have been slightly obsessed with lately. (My friends would call that an understatement.) One OK Rock is a Japanese rock band that recently debuted their first american album late last year. 35xxxv. They are a really talented band with great songs in both english and Japanese, most of their songs are half english, half Japanese. The lead singer, Taka, has performed with american bands. The most prominent being the song Summer Paradise by Simple Plan back in 2011.

One OK Rock’s american album is all in english, which was slightly disappointing when I first got it because some of the songs on the album I have the Japanese version for. But that entire album is amazing. The have a music video for the song Last Dance from the american album and the song itself is breathtaking. My favorite song by them is most likely The Beginning, which was used for the first live action movie for the anime/manga Rurouni Kenshin, which is actually how I discovered One OK Rock. They also did an amazing, spot on live cover of the famous song A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. So if you want to check them out but want to start in familiar territory that’s not a bad place to start from.

One Ok Rock

Long story short, they’re touring in the USA and they are coming within an hours drive from me in April AND I HAVE TICKETS!!! I can’t wait! So excited! I may post pictures from the concert depending on where this blog is content wise in April. Either way, if you like rock I suggest you check this band out.


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