Cornelia Funke and Her Book Reckless: The Golden Yarn and the Story Behind It

I was thrilled to finally receive this book in the mail. It’s the third, and I believe last, in the series and it’s been a long time coming.


Cornelia Funke is a german author who writes all of her books in german first then brings them over to her american publishers to get published. However, because of changes to the book that the american publishers wanted Funke to make but refused to since she thought it was important to the story to leave it how it was, plus it was already released in german exactly as it is, she refused to the point of getting the rights to the book back. Funke was determined to get the 3rd book of this series out for her english readers so she created her own publishing company, Breathing Books, to get Reckless: The Golden Yarn out to her fans. This version kept it’s original title and artwork unlike the 2 previous books. It took her roughly 2 years to get this book to the fans of Mirrorworld, the world inside the books.

I have personally been a huge fan of Funke for years. I love the Inkheart trilogy and Thief Lord. Those are all great books and I love the world she created for Reckless can’t wait to sink my teeth into this newest installment. Just got to finish The Little Paris Bookshop first which I started last night. So far, I’m really enjoying it. Stay tuned for a review of it in a few days time.


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